Gwendolyn Campbell


Detroit, MI

United States

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What positive influence can you bring to The Streets Don't Love You Back Movement?
I want to get involved with tsdlyb and I think the positive influence I can provide is to help educate the young people of Detroit of the downfalls of hustling and selling drugs and help them see a better way to grow and become positive in everything they do..I am a true witness to the crime and drug game in this city..I am also a close friend of Mr. Boyd and was with him threw alot of his involvement with street gangs and the drug life,so I know the struggle that he overcame to become the positive person he is today and I am so proud oof the way he turned his life around..

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  • Lucinda F. Boyd

  • Lucinda F. Boyd

    Thank you for joining us, please share the message with everyone, send people to our website and shows... Welcome!