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After years in the L.A. street gang world, Ronald Lamonte Barron devoted his life to preventing young people from following in his footsteps.

Barron, a former member of the Mansfield Crips gang that claims territory around Pico Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, was one of a few gang outreach workers who was trusted enough by Los Angeles authorities to counsel young offenders in the jails.

Barron was leaving a bar in his old neighborhood Sunday night with his…

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10-20, Produced by Terrisha Kearse, Terrisha will be a guest on our Radio Show March 3rd, 2010

Winner of HBO’s Best Feature Film at the 2009 Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, “10-20″ (pronounced ten to twenty) is an extraordinary film from new comer, Terrisha Kearse. Emotional and powerful, the film derives its name from a law in Florida that gives first time offenders of…


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NO Seatbelt....NO Excuse....

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Jersey City double murder likely gang-related

Hudson prosecutor: Jersey City double murder likely gang-related

Wednesday, February 03, 2010



Two Jersey City men were both shot in the head yesterday morning at the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and Corcoran Street in what police believe to be a gang-related execution.

At around 4 a.m., cops found Lester "Bleek" Thompson and Mileak Richardson sprawled on the sidewalk face down, Hudson County Prosecutor Edward DeFazio… Continue

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ID theft operation uncovered in Phoenix and surrounding communities

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Use of Twitter, Facebook rising among gang members (Los Angeles, CA):


The Associated Press

Tuesday, February 2, 2010; 2:24 PM

LOS ANGELES -- When a gang member was released from jail soon after his arrest for selling methamphetamine, friends and associates assumed he had cut a deal with authorities and become a police informant.

They sent a warning on Twitter that went like this: We have a snitch in our midst.

Unbeknownst to them, that tweet and the traffic it generated were being closely followed by… Continue

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History Channel to feature Columbia gangs

A prime-time History Channel show on local television tonight will focus on a face of Columbia rarely seen - the capital city as a mecca for bloody gang violence and drug dealing.

"In the Deep South, one gang reigns supreme . . . the Gangsta Killa Bloods," intones a deep-voiced narrator at the show's beginning.

The show airs at 8 p.m. today on the History Channel, channel 45 on Time Warner Cable. It is part of the History Channel's gangland series.

For the next… Continue

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Maker of 'Stop Snitching' Videos Convicted

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 29) -- Ronnie "Skinny Suge" Thomas, a Maryland gang leader who produced and starred in the infamous "Stop Snitching" videos, was convicted Thursday in Baltimore federal court of being part of an organization involved in drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit murder and robbery.

Authorities alleged that Thomas and another gang member Sherman Pride, who was also convicted Thursday, were part of the Tree Top Piru Bloods (TTP Bloods). Twenty-five other people have… Continue

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