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The Streets Don't Love You Back

Lifeskills Intervention Program

"You can become anyone you want to be!

It doesn't matter what happened to you or what you've done!

What matters is what you do next!"

Our course includes education and discussions on Substance Abuse Dependency, Making Decisions, Anger Management, Attitude, Behaviors, Problem Solving, Self-Improvement, Setting Goals, Identifying Strengths and Skills. We are teaching the classes in Arizona. The program will soon be available for classes in other states as well as self-study. We are also sending it into the prisons as a life skills class. We are looking for educators, sponsors and donations so we can keep this a free class! Please contact us if you are interested in helping.


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The first graduation at The Center for Life, Home for teenage girls. 4/13/18

InMaricopa: Local intervention program adopted by state prisons

At the Arizona State Senate with Senator Steve Smith, Director Charles Ryan of ADOC, Art Harding Legislative Liaison and Mayor Christian Price. We had the honor to introduce, The Streets Don't Love You Back Lifeskills Intervention Program

12/8/2016 we met with Karen Hellman, Division Director of ADOC education and reentry programs to initiate the implementation of the Lifeskills program into the Arizona Department of Corrections. We will begin the first class in January 2017 at Eymen Prison in Florence.

What do our officials have to say about the Lifeskills Program

Phoenix Graduation February 2017

Abel's House is a transitional home for men overcoming addiction and incarceration.

Phoenix Graduation June 2017

Maricopa Graduation July 2017

Check out a few of the responses. 

This is a very powerful course, I learned that I can committ myself to change but I have to work at it consistantly one day at a time, that working on myself it will empower me to be able to help others by being a positive change.~Leonard~

I learned so very much for which I can say that all my tomorrows are prepared in my todays. Most importantly to be on my path to victory, turn tragedy into triumph.~Joy~

I learned that I can trust my dreams and inner strength to accomplish everything I set out to do. I also learned that I have weaknesses that I can learn to overcome.~Cynthia~

This course offered many practical applications to life and success. I learned a deeper perspective into things I thought I knew. I feel a renewed sense of confidence and aspiration.~Leon~

This course helped me to not just look at, but rethink my perspective on change and on self esteem. This helped me take a closer look at the things I have neglected or tried to deny.~Jefferick~

I learned to be patient, everything takes time, but to remain positive and to love myself.~Tori~

I learned to take time for me, to be in touch with my inner self. It helped me to look at life in a more positive way and to realise that behind every adversity, there is a lesson and a blessing. Thank you Mrs. Boyd for this Lifeskills Book. I vow to teach what I have learned and to demonstrate it as well through my walk in life.~Shannon~

I learned to believe in myself.~Sonny~

This helped me to open my eyes and learn how to better myself.~Marshall~

This course helped me to open my eyes to see the real me. I found out that I have a long way to go and alot of work to do. This course has given me the strength, confidence and understanding on how I can truly succeed in my life. It taught me so much that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.~Sterling~
WOW! I learned a lot, Weekly I open this up and meditate on some of the teachings. It is knowledge to grow from and helps me learn how to solve problems.~Gary~

So much! How to handle my anger and think before I make decisions. This book was good  Do you have any other courses, I would love to take them. ~Jim~

That there are many different aspects of addiction. I want to continue learning more about addiction. ~Kendall~

I learned to think more about my weaknesses and how to do better at improving my behavior. ~Maria~

This course offered many practical applications to life and success. The "problem solving", "self-improvement", "smart goal setting" were very informative. These skills will work as fine tuning to my natural approach to life's hardships. Even more, I've learned deeper perspectives about subjects "I thought I knew" I feel a renewed sense of confidence and aspiration. Most important, all the main solutions lie in me. ~Diana~

This course reinforces much of other self-help groups. To think differently and be successful upon my release from prison. ~Shawn~

I got a lot out of this course, a lot of understanding about myself. ~Melissa~

I learned how to control my anger and that if I keep a negative attitude, negative things will follow me. Using an anger log is more helpful than just holding anger in. ~Lonnie~

I am working on controlling my anger, getting help for my alcohol addiction. Iv’e learned how to handle my mistakes in a more positive way and identify making good decisions. ~Julia~

I learned that I can trust my dreams and inner strength to accomplish everything I set out to do. I also learned that I have weaknesses that I can learn to overcome, each and everyone of them. ~Cheryl~

I learned that I’m on the right track to obtain my goals. Although, I do have a slight bit of anger that comes from my past that I have to conquer. I’ve also learned that I’m a much better person than I give myself credit for.~Allen~


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