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"Documentaries have the power to inform, incite and inspire an audience all in one sitting. Judging from the two-minute long standing ovation he received [at Sundance] after the screening of his film Slavery by Another Name, director Samuel Pollard has accomplished those goals and then some."

"By filling in an overlooked part of black history, this sobering film enhances our understanding of why race issues have proved so intractable."
– Neil Genzlinger, NY Times Channel Surfing

"Shines a necessary light on a long-ignored and shameful chapter of American history."
– Sean P. Means, Salt Lake Tribune

"American history often gets passed on in a too-simple narrative, especially in pop culture. PBS’s Slavery by Another Name … reveals a largely hidden history that belies the popular narrative."
- Scripps News

"… when a documentary comes along that successfully explains [a system of] systems of oppression and does it in a fashion that is both historically compelling and applicable to other situations, it’s an impressive achievement. Slavery By Another Name does just that…"
- Rowan Kaiser, A.V. Club

"The documentary would make an effective teaching aide for a high school history or economics class. Despite all of the emphasis on Black History Month, too many black youngsters remain ignorant of their history…. Anyone who believes that racism in the 1940s was just some white folks using the “n-word” definitely needs to see this documentary."
- Courtland Milloy, The Washington Post

"Digging into a chapter in the African-American saga that history books have traditionally glossed over, Sam Pollard's Slavery by Another Name…will be welcomed in educational outlets and on the small screen."
– Hollywood Reporter

"Sam Pollard's well-made and sobering documentary Slavery by Another Name…merits a long life on the educational circuit…."
- Variety

“Not just a black history story, but an American history story.” and “Until Blackmon wrote his book, this was news to me. And until the documentary aired this week, it was news to millions more…. “
- Gwen Ifill, PBS NewsHour

"I want to compliment and thank WJCT for the recent airing of Slavery by Another Name. At 68 and white, it hurt to relive the injustices I saw in my youth. My heritage is Southern Confederate, and I am proud of the bravery displayed by my ancestors in the Civil War. Fortunately, my father became a Mason and taught me how wrong discrimination was, that blacks were just as smart as whites, and he reached out to them involving me.. I want to say to all older African-Americans who were discriminated against: I saw it, fought it, it was wrong and you are the real heroes in this saga. To the majority of young African-Americans who want what everyone else wants, a piece of the American dream, please know that the majority of people support and root for you. Unfortunately, you don’t get much media attention. It seems all we ever hear about are people who are full of hate."
- Letter to the editor, the Florida Times-Union (Arthur Padgett, Jacksonville)

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Comment by Sharon Pate'-Bell on August 20, 2012 at 7:49pm

Women are the highest rate of incarceration in Louisiana. LCIW maximum capacity is 900 it has surpass that occupancy.


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