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Student shot for not giving up his sunglasses

The shooting scene was on Rosa Parks Boulevard, near Interstate 94 and Interstate 96.

Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Jennifer Mrozowski said preliminary information officials have received indicate a 17-year-old senior student was jumped and shot in the side near the school's parking lot, or immediately outside of it.

Several students at the school told Local 4 tension had been brewing all day over the student's pair of Cartier sunglasses.

"It started in school because people were saying things like they wanted his glasses and they be making comments about his glasses," said student Ashanta Peterson. "I guess he was trying to go home after school and they saw him and tried to snatch his glasses off his face. He resisted it and they shot it."

Students described a showdown in the parking lot over the expensive sunglasses.

“At 3 o’clock we got out of school, I saw them arguing and I saw one person proceed to jump in a car. And that’s when I saw the other boy had a gun and he started shooting at the other car and I just ran,” said Donovan Smith, a student at the school.

“This was apparently as we understand it right now, an attempted robbery. The student was shot by someone allegedly who attempted to rob him,” said Mrozowski.

DPS police said the student was rushed to an area hospital, where he is listed in temporary serious condition.

The student's shooter has not been located.

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