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Victims of organized crimes in Texas, social aspects of gang stalking.

Are you as disturbed as I am by the large number of people who are suddenly "going postal" and/or killing themselves in dramatic fashion? A very high percentage of these people have been described as being victims of "bullying", "harassment", "cyberharassment", etc. in the days, weeks, or months leading up to these incidents. They are also described by those close to them as "not at all the type to do something like that".

I strongly suspect many (if not all) of them were targeted victims of gang stalking. Most of them have characteristics of persons who tend to become targeted individuals: intelligent, well-educated, quiet, introverted, a few very close friends, alternative lifestyles, sensitive, etc. Many of them are from areas where gang stalking is known to be prevalent. All of their actions suggest feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, frustration, and anger about what was being done to them and the lack of assistance, support, and protection available to help them cope with their situations.

The recent example of this from right here in Austin might be a good case in point. The student involved, a sophomore math student, apparently ran onto the U.T. campus with an assault rifle, fired off a few rounds, ran up to the sixth floor of a library building, and committed suicide. Everyone who knew this student well is saying these actions were completely out of character for him, and everyone close to both him and the investigation is tip-toeing around what might have led him to do what he did. As both my blog in general and my recent posting of another very serious Austin example in particular show, gang stalking is rampant and completely uncontrolled here. Also, another U.T. math student coincidentally happened to have been the victim of a homicide (unsolved) in the recent past. Tragically, there will be more and more of these incidents as targeted individuals lash out in anger and frustration and pain at their tormentors because they have no other recourse for getting relief from what's being done to them.

In our community at present, I believe the biggest social manifestation of gang stalking is the number of suicides here (the genuine ones, that is, not the staged ones). The cause of the vast majority of these is rampant and completely unchecked organized white collar crime. White collar criminals operate by systematically stealing all the assets of one individual and quickly moving on to another, and they do this using whatever methods are the fastest and most effective for that particular individual. (Do you see the pattern of targeting here?) In this area, a well-entrenched network of doctors, lawyers, bankers, and public officials (plus a few others) first apply pressure of some kind to victims (usually a combination of financial and social) using various means designed to gain control of their assets. One of the most commonly used methods for doing this is deliberately getting victims dependant on various substances (prescription medications, alcohol, or illegal drugs), because it's fairly quick and easy--one prescription or party are often all that's needed--and results in near-total control of the targeted individual. If that doesn't work, the next step is often involuntary commitment for short periods (see "Issues Of Commitment")--just long enough to get complete control of the victims' assets. If everything else fails to produce the desired result, the victim becomes a gang stalking target, with sophisticated illegal surveillance being used to both facilitate the stalking and learn what particularly "gets to" each victim the most in order to systematically drive them to suicide.

One of the most basic, common, and effective tools these criminals use, both to steal assets outright and also to drive targeted individuals to suicide, is their deliberate manipulation of family members and friends of victims in order to get them to turn on each other. This tactic is necessary for the successful thefts of assets by means like fraudulent trusts and involuntary commitments in particular, and all indications are that white collar criminals here are particularly adept at exploiting the local "insider" networks already in place in order to do this. People who are persuaded to become involved in these crimes for whatever reason, whether out of fear, greed, increased status in the community, or even pure sport, need to be made fully aware that they are in fact being cleverly manipulated by others and are considered completely expendable and exploitable by those who control them. (For more information on this, please see "Gang Stalking Summary a few posts back).

Here, as most everywhere else, another of the main tools for organized stalking of targeted individuals is cyberharassment. Besides what's obviously being done here to me repeatedly, you can find a detailed discussion of another case of this at my earlier post entitled "The Coach". These kinds of cases make extensive use of social networking and discussion sites in order to defame, libel, and harass victims in every possible way. (Again, also see "Gang Stalking Summary" for more information.)

All of this is completely unacceptable by any rational-thinking person's definition of what's good, proper, right, and civilized as far as social conduct and behavior..

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