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Body Parts Found on Detroit's East Side

DETROIT - Body parts are found in a neighborhood on Detroit's east side. The human remains had been dumped at several spots on the same street. Police are trying to determine who did this and identify the victim.

"It's gruesome," said Alice Grant.

Gruesome doesn't begin to describe what people in a Detroit neighborhood discovered early Monday morning.

"He picked it up with a bag, (held) it up and said, 'Look what I found,'" said one woman. She told us the man was holding what appeared to be a women's leg.

Detroit Police later found two arms on the same block. The body parts were dark in complexion, suggesting the victim may have been African-American.

The sick discovery has left police with a lot of unanswered questions.

"We only know that these limbs were dropped off in specific areas down the street from each other, but, at this point, we're not able to find any torso or any head," said Detroit Police Lt. Blackmon.

They're also still working to identify the victim and hoping fingerprints and DNA will offer those much needed answers. Meanwhile, neighbors, such as Alice Grant, are praying they catch the people behind this before more body parts show up in their neighborhood.

"A lot of this is going to depend on the medical examiners, and the medical examiners have the abilities to hopefully determine maybe some DNA, but that takes awhile if that's the only way that you can identify someone," Blackmon said.

Drug abuse and prostitution are a major problem in this neighborhood. The investigation is still in the very early stages.

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