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BOYD AND LUCINDA... RADIO SHOW...  JANUARY 2011 LINE UP    JANUARY 12, 2011 R.I.P. JERRELL OMARR GREEN Sandra's son was murdered by gang violence.  Jerell had gone to college and got injured pla…




JANUARY 12, 2011


Sandra's son was murdered by gang violence.  Jerell had gone to college and got injured playing basketball, so his desire to stay in college changed. He was the president of the Black Hawks M.C. Her boys were both doing well and she was very proud of them. No jail, no tattoos, no baby momma drama, Sandra was very proud of the job she did raising her 3 children. On 3/11/09 Jerell gave her a kiss and told her that he would be right back. Within a few minutes they heard the police helicopter flying directly over their house. It was so loud that Sandra and her neighbor went outside to see what was going on, later on that night she went to the store and saw the yellow tape, but who knew. Sandra then recieved a phone call at 1:00 a.m., The detective told her Jerrell was at the hospital and she needed to come. When she arrived, the doctor told her they had tried to revive her son, BUT HE WAS DEAD.


 JANUARY 19, 2011 


Daniell "Lil Dan" Harshaw is an empowering, young author who was born of the Eastside of Detroit in April 1977. As a youngster, he grew up in a middle-class neighborhood that eventually depleted overtime due to drugs, guns, and violence. By his late teens, facing the harsh realities of inner city street life became more than an understatement for Daniell, when he began encountering run-ins with the law. In 1995, he received a lengthy prison sentence and served time in a Michigan Correctional Facility. Realizing that life in the streets often reaped more negative outcomes than positive, Daniell reconstructed his outlook on life while in prison and soon began writing. He was strongly influenced by a man named Omar X who further encouraged him to utilize writing as a means of letting his emotions, thoughts, ideas, and life experiences shine through. In addition, a man by the name of Shaka wrote a book entitled "Crack, Volume One", which further encouraged Daniell to keep writing and sharing his life experiences with the world. Over the years, Daniell’s passion and skills grew as he continued to manifest these aspects through a variety of different writing styles. His determination and willingness soon led to the publishing of his first book Bulletproof Love, "Loyalty Before Betrayal" (2010), an urban tale focusing on reality of life in the streets. He has also gone on to produce several other works that ultimately appeal to the urban lifestyle.


JANUARY 26, 2011

Leifel Jackson is regarded as one of the pioneers in the war against at risk youth, drugs, gangs and violence. He has witnessed in his lifetime what most people can not even imagine. For many years in Little Rock, Arkansas, The Blue Bandanas, drugs, guns are the first thing that come to your mind when you thought of a man named Leifel Jackson. However today in the minds of hundreds of children from ROCAN (Reaching our Children and Neighborhoods), and, the former leader of the Original Gangster Crips (OGC), is Mr. Leifel Jackson. Leifel often shares his story throughout the United States and now resides in Little Rock trying to make a difference and encourage a child through his actions. He is a mentor, counselor, teacher who cares and shares his wealth of knowledge from his own experiences. With his gang affiliation now behind him, Leifel has made a remarkable transformation from gang leader to his high profile role as community activist, youth advocate, motivational speaker, gang consultant, and Director of ROCAN a private funded youth violence prevention program focusing it's services to youth at risk. His story is his largest asset in working with the kids who are heading in the same path he took many years ago. Many times the only person that can reach them is someone who has been down that path. Someone they can respect and have respect in return, someone that is not going to judge them but encourage them to travel another path creating a new and positive journey. If one should ask Leifel Jackson what one thing he believes in most he would answer "The power to believe anyone can make a change and everyone can make a difference." 




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