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No one really wants to have sex with five, ten, or twenty strangers a day,

No one really wants to have sex with five, ten, or twenty strangers a day, every day. Besides the sheer numbers involved, some of those strangers are going to use a person in ways that are bizarre, painful or disgusting, and occasionally fatal.

When people who have worked in prostitution call it repeated rape, they are not exaggerating or being "hysterical." They are being legally precise. Rape is sexual intercourse, against the will of the victim, carried out by threat or force.

In prostitution, the john performs the sex act with the unwilling victim, but subcontracts the intimidation and violence to another man, the pimp.

The john would like to believe he is paying for sex, but the person he has sex with gets little or none of the money. The money goes to the pimp to pay for the force needed to keep prostituted women and children working. It goes to the drug dealer who provides whatever it takes to keep the workers from becoming psychotic or committing suicide. It goes to pay the businessmen who provide the real estate, support services, and legal protection for the trade.

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Comment by Darcy Delaproser on January 31, 2011 at 6:16pm
Great Post Lucinda !
Comment by on January 16, 2011 at 4:14pm
Nice blog lucinda, You are so right americans are so confused when it comes to the subject of prostitution. For the simple fact that the media is confused. They dont see that how they protray the working girl is why she cant leave. Why she has no where to go and no one to tell. That is exactly why they been getting away with murder for generations and generations to come. They are transporting minors across state lines, in and out of the country like cattle. Lock in them down, putting the fear of god in them. Oh my try saying no, after being woken up by a 2 bye 4, day after day. Locked in a basement with only bread and water to eat. Be foreal i have not ever met a hoe that just volunteered to be hoe. Untill she had been forced into to the game. By family lover pimp or stranger. Its not untill after years of abuse and or drug addiction the women submits to the life style. in order to survive. There a difference between a Strippers, Gold diggers, Junkies and transexual that willing sell them selves. Than the girls you see on the block that you now look young as hell.  Who cant speak or even look you in the eye out of FEAR. We cant be that stupid or can we.


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