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For our inmate members who support and spread the message to help others and save lives. the streets dont love you back news letter goes out to 150 prisons around the country.take time out to read these stories and ask your self what choice should i make today,to better my can learn each and every day tsdlyb at all but god loves us all back.have a bless day and stay focus

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i would like to thank all my soliders in state and fed prison and out here in the streets helping to save lives as god did when he walked the land we also must take our message to the streets and change these youth thinking from negative to positive.keep your drugs its all failure you bring drugs to the streets then send our men and women to think about it wake up people we must push education and not failure we must understand once we are educated no one can take that away from you but trying to be hard/drug dealer/thug/gang banger you set your life up for failure. we all make mistakes in life but now its time to change that negative to positive.BOYD AND LUCINDA

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the streets dont love you back news letter gos out to 150 prisons around the country fed/state we are looking for bibles to be donated to us to send in side the prison.if you would like to donate…Continue

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The streets don't love you back intervention program is now available, free classes tell your probation officer about our me for more information at

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rae carruth #712822 .......Box 1569 Lillington, N.C. 27546 Rae Lamar Wiggins[1][2] (born January 20, 1974), known as Rae Carruth, is a former professional football player, a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. In 2001, he was found guilty of conspiring to murder a woman who was pregnant with his child and is serving a prison sentence with an expected release date of 2018.Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Carruth attended Valley High School and accepted an athletic scholarship to the University of Colorado in Boulder. He played four seasons for the Buffaloes and was named a first-team All-America in 1996. His quarterbacks at CU were future pros Koy Detmer and Kordell Stewart. Carruth was a first-round draft pick in the 1997 NFL Draft, taken by the Carolina Panthers with the 27th overall selection. He signed a four-year, 3.7-million-dollar deal that included a signing bonus of $1.3 million.[3] During Carruth's sophomore year at CU, his Sacramento girlfriend, Michelle Wright, gave birth to their son Raelondo.Carruth had a respectable rookie season in 1997 and started 14 games. Wearing uniform number 89, he caught 44 passes for 545 yards and four touchdown passes, tied for first among rookie receivers. He was named to the all-rookie team at wide receiver.He broke his right foot in the opening game of 1998, and did not catch another pass that season due to the injury. He ended the year with four catches for 59 yards (all on opening day). He played in the first six games of the 1999 season, with 14 catches for 200 yards.On November 16, 1999, near Carruth's home in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cherica Adams, a real estate agent he had been casually dating, was shot four times by Van Brett Watkins Sr., a night club manager and a friend of Carruth. Adams managed to call 911, and said that Carruth had stopped his vehicle in front of hers, and that another vehicle drove alongside and its passenger had shot her. Carruth then drove away from the scene.

Comment by The Streets Don't Love You Back on October 1, 2014 at 9:37am

My name is Natalya but I go by Nicole. I'm an old-souled 31-year-old looking for some friends to share my smile with. I've been incarcerated since 2006 and still have several years to go, so I get a bit lonely at times. I love to laugh, learn new things, exercise, listen to music, write, read, and love spending time in the sun. Smiley Face I'm an eccentric, compassionate, positive/optimistic, kindhearted and loving woman who is willing to spend time in getting to know you. I feel that my past has brought me to my knees and has made me a better woman today only through prayer and forgiveness. My favorite colors are #1 pink and #2 yellow. My favorite animals are pigs Smiley Face and I'm a Sagittarius (wink).Okay friend, it is your turn now! I'd love to get to know you! Please send a photo or two so I know who I'm talking to. Smiley Face Until pen and paper meet�..Natalya Baker #87139 /1451 Fore Road Pocatello, ID 83204

Comment by The Streets Don't Love You Back on September 29, 2014 at 9:37pm


Darryl Henley: An NFL Cornerback’s Rise And Fall Darryl Henley was an All-American at UCLA and went on to play cornerback in the NFL. He is now serving a 41-year prison sentence. Michael McKnight’s book, Intercepted: The Rise and Fall of NFL Cornerback Darryl Henley, tells of the player’s football career, his role in a drug trafficking operation, and the events that eventually sent him to prison. Bill Littlefield spoke with the author.Intercepted, Michael McKnight’s exhaustive (511 pages) account of Darryl Henley’s descent from the NFL into federal prison, is filled with perceptions about athletes, race, and drugs. One of them comes from Chuck Miller, who played football with Henley at UCLA. Asked how he thought Henley came to be involved in a scheme to transport cocaine across the country, Miller said, “Any black athlete can tell you that he knows a drug dealer. When you hit it big, the first thing they come at you with is, ‘Loan me some money. I’ll pay you back.’”According to William Kopeny, one of the attorneys working on Henley’s defense when he went to trial almost two decades ago, Henley was motivated by “vanity and cool.” Having been brought up in a suburb and educated in parochial schools, Henley craved the sort of excitement he associated with drug dealers and rap stars.Though McKnight says he doesn’t regard Darryl Henley as a victim of the justice system, his account often seems sympathetic to Henley. McKnight points out that Henley’s trial was going on in Orange County at the same time O.J. Simpson was being defended by a so-called dream team of attorneys in Los Angeles. Simpson, on trial for murder, walked. Henley, peripherally involved in a botched drug run, went to prison. The Simpson jury was predominantly black. The Henley jury was almost entirely white, as was the venue in which he was tried.So to a point, the argument that Darryl Henley was a victim of various circumstances seems to make sense. Perhaps it would have continued to make sense if Henley had managed to sit quietly in prison while his lawyers appealed the conviction. Maybe he’d have gotten a new trial. Instead, he entered into a conspiracy to finance the murder of the judge who’d sentenced him and the young woman who’d testified against him, a former Rams cheerleader named Tracy Donaho who claimed that she’d only boarded a plane with a suitcase full of cocaine because Darryl Henley had asked her to do so.When I spoke with Michael McKnight, he maintained that Darryl Henley, who was eventually sentenced to 41 years in prison, is a very intelligent man. It’s an assertion that can’t be dismissed easily, given how much time McKnight must have spent corresponding with Henley during the eight years the author devoted to researching Intercepted. But isn’t it irresistible to wonder how much less trouble Darryl Henley might have brought down upon himself and his family if he weren’t so smart?

Comment by The Streets Don't Love You Back on September 29, 2014 at 9:14pm

SAMUEL GEORGE HURD Register Number: 44162-424 FCI BASTROP P.O. BOX 629 BASTROP, TX 78602

Samuel George Hurd, III (born April 24, 1985) is a former American football wide receiver who played in the National Football League for six seasons. He played college football at Northern Illinois University, and, though undrafted, was signed after graduation by the Dallas Cowboys in 2006. He played for the Cowboys from 2006–2010, before joining the Chicago Bears in 2011. He was released by the Bears in December 2011, after he was arrested on federal drug charges. On November 13, 2013, Hurd was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Comment by The Streets Don't Love You Back on July 9, 2014 at 7:59am

we must take the message all the way around the world everyday all day the streets dont love you back to our youths and others this is not the world back in the day.todays world right here and now 2014 we can teach our kids starting from 10 years old how to start him or her own on-line business this is a global world now where we reach out around the world.they also must get a great education as well and to learn all you can about education.we must know first what is my child interest.then you teach your child about opening up a paypal account.then what ever they would like to sell .it might be fashion,,music..the arts..ect.then you set your once you have your product ready to sell then you go global on-line with your own on-line you are your own ceo of your you can global promote your pruducts to people around the we are setting our child up for life to pay for college and also learning how to give back as well.and how to manage there is no reason in 2014 to be taking a prison chance by trying to sell drugs its a know win that game has been played so many times and all who played we are teaching the youths and others of today how to win the right way.god bless you all from Rob and Lucinda TEAM TSDLYB


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