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"You can become anyone you want to be! 

It doesn't matter what happened to you or what you've done!

What matters is what you do next!"

Our Lifeskills Intervention program includes education and discussions on Substance Abuse Dependency, Making Decisions, Anger Management, Attitude, Behaviors, Problem Solving, Self-Improvement, Setting Goals, Identifying Strengths and Skills. We are teaching the classes in Arizona. The program is available for classes in other states as well as self-study. We are also sending it into the prisons as a life skills class and it is officially now a program in the ADOC. 

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The Streets Don't Love You Back, A Story of Strength, Prayer, and Perseverance by Robert Boyd . Rob grew up in an eastside ghetto of Detroit Michigan. His father a prominent Reverend and well-known Author chose not to be a part of his life. His stepfather was a good man and treated him and siblings as his own. One day when Rob was nine years old he watched his grandfather stab his stepfather to death and that changed his life forever. By the age of 10, he was involved in the gang, drug and violent street life. Rob eventually became a Boss and Drug Kingpin, he spent time in and out of jail and watched many friends get killed and many friends go to prison. This manuscript is definitely a story of Hope, Change, Healing , and Forgiveness. After reading this book you will see that crime doesn’t pay and “The Streets Don’t Love You Back" Edited by Lucinda F. Boyd RN

Never Hit A Woman is about Domestic Violence and Abuse... NO EXCUSES!!! This book discusses the different types of abuse and how to recognize the warning signs. There are amazing stories of women in various abusive situations and how they survived them. The book has many suggestions on what to do when you need to leave an abusive relationship and how to do it safely. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED!!!This book is meant to help women and men live safer and healthier lives and respect each other without killing each other or having bad blood with each other. It is my hope is that through this book, those in a violent relationship, and those seeking help for others will learn how to move away from a bad relationship, gain strength and to move on with your life. Edited by Lucinda F. Boyd RN


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