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Rob and Lucinda started The Streets Don’t Love You Back Organization in 2009 and became a 501-c non-profit in February 2015.

We are committed to helping youth reach their highest potential through a variety of life-transforming programs.

Our organization is striving to educate the youth against gangs, drugs, violence, and abuse. Our focus is youth empowerment, education, and teaching the lifeskills needed to make changes in your life.

Our goal is that our Youth Empowerment Programs, “The Streets Don’t Love You Back” Radio Show, the “The Streets Don't Love You Back TV", our Speaking Engagements, our Lifeskills Intervention Program Mentoring and Giving Back Community Projects will be vehicle's to continually educate and make a change. Rob and I believe that through our vision and The Streets Don’t Love You Back Organization we can and will create change and healing for many people in our country. This is our Mission. 

TSDLYB Youth Empowerment Program is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. They do this by addressing their situation and then taking action in order to improve their lives and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes. TSDLYB Youth empowerment aims to improve quality of life.

TSDLYB Youth Empowerment Program focuses on processes that enable participation; enhance control through shared decision-making; and create opportunities to learn, practice, and increase skills.

Our Youth empowerment program is aimed at creating a healthier and higher quality of life for underprivileged, minority, or at-risk youth.

Our six-week Lifeskills Intervention Program includes education and discussions on Substance Abuse Dependency, Making Decisions, Anger Management, Attitude, Behaviors, Problem-Solving, Self-Improvement, Setting Goals, and Identifying Strengths and Skills.

We are currently teaching the classes in Arizona at the Abels Halfway House, City of Maricopa Courthouse, Phillips Memorial CME Church Hall in Phoenix, Gila River Boys and Girls Club, Soon to begin in Laveen School System and officially in the Arizona Department of Corrections starting in January 2017. The program is already sent to many prisons nationwide and is available for classes in other states as self-study. We believe that with the right tools you can make positive changes in your life.

In November 2016 we met at the Arizona State Senate with Senator Steve Smith, Director Charles Ryan of ADOC, Senator Catherine Miranda, Art Harding Legislative Liaison, and City of Maricopa, Mayor Christian Price. We had the honor to introduce, The Streets Don't Love You Back Lifeskills Intervention Program.

On 12/8/2016 we met with Karen Hellman, ADOC Division Director of education and reentry programs. TSDLYB Lifeskills Intervention program was accepted to be a program in the ADOC. The first class will begin in January 2017 at the Eyman Prison in Florence, Arizona.

11/2017 The Streets Don't Lifeskills Intervention Program has been accepted as a program in Maricopa County and Pinal County Jails in Arizona. 

Rob and Lucinda have received multiple awards and letters of commendation as community leaders from other leaders as well as 27 letters from the White House during this last administration with President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Rob and Lucinda were recipients of a Humanitarian award in 2015

2015 and 2016 nominated for Best Non-Profit in the City of Maricopa, AZ

2017 Maricopa Non-Profit of the year award recipients

On March 9, 2019, We received the MVCC Community Service Award 

September 6, 2019, It was an honor to receive a challenge coin/medallion from PCSO and Sheriff Mark Lamb for the work that we do! Our Lifeskills program in the PCSO Detention Center. Challenge coins are given and carried as a symbol of pride, respect, fellowship, and unity amongst the bravest of our society.

Rob and Lucinda are the Executive Producers and Co-Hosts of, The Streets Don't Love You Back Radio Show started in 2009, and Change Reality Show, currently "The Streets Don't Love You Back TV" started in 2009

Robert Boyd 

CEO and Founder of “The Streets Don’t Love You Back” Movement,

Music Artist, Motivational Speaker, Author, Humanitarian, Activist, Educator

Rob Boyd was featured on Nationwide TV, Gangsters America's Most Evil, Detroit's, Best Friends Episode in March of 2016 and continues to air.

Co-Producer of "The Sons of a Preacher" Documentary 

Music Artist, 19 singles.

Co-Producer of the International Award-winning Docu-Series, Trapped In The Hood

Contact info:

Lucinda F. Boyd RN 

Critical Care Registered Nurse 

President and Co-Founder of "The Streets Don't Love You Back" Organization 

City of Maricopa Parks, Recreation and Library advisory committee member 

Board of Directors at Central Arizona College Foundation 

Board of Directors at Zonta Club of Maricopa

Pinal County Restorative Justice Program Panel Member 

Planning Committee Member at Member Teen Court 

Creator and Author of The Streets Don't Love You Back Youth Empowerment Program and Lifeskills Intervention Program. 

Producer of "The Sons of a Preacher" Documentary 

Editor of multiple books including “Real Love II” Memoirs of Beverly Broadus Green, Mother of Hip Hop Icon Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg, 

Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Activist, Educator 

Former Vice President of Phoenix Boys and Girls Center 

On 11/16/2019, Lucinda Boyd was honored at Central Arizona College with the 2019 Outstanding Alumna Achievement Award

May 2021 awarded the City of Maricopa, Mother of the Year

Co-Producer of the International Award-winning Docu-Series, Trapped In The Hood

Through “The Streets Don’t Love You Back” Radio Show, “The Streets Don't Love You Back TV", we share true stories of people who have been involved with gangs, drugs, violence, and abuse and how living and/or surviving that life has affected their lives and the lives of others around them. They share how they have changed their lives and what they are doing now. We believe that these shows are vehicles to continually educate and make a change.

We have many mentoring programs and community service projects. These include: Feeding the homeless monthly, Ex-offender workshops, Back to school drives, Christmas toy drives, Domestic Violence Awareness programs, Speaking engagements, Internships, and Scholarship programs.

We believe that through our vision and The Streets Don’t Love You Back Movement we can and will create change and healing for many people in our country. This is our Mission.





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